These videos were developed after school, using the same model of document camera used in our classrooms at San Diego Unified School District. They were developed after running through the lessons in class as guided drawing lessons for basic Cartooning. 

I would like to thank the estate of Randy Glasbergen, who's book, "Toons: How to Draw Wild & Lively Characters for All Kinds of Cartoons" formed the basis of many of these video lessons. His and other books are available on the Links page of this site.

For links to the various searches for "Totem Animals" (Spirit Animals), click on Totem Links.

Other Videos of Interest (if only to me...)

How to set up PowerSchool so students can "clock-in" for attendance.
How to add a link from a Google Slide to a specific paragraph on a Doc.
Our Summer School Counselor, David Valencia mentioned Urban Aztec Artist, Jesse Hernandez, interviewed on NVTV (Native Voice TV) in 2017, so I had to add this video (Length: 27 minutes).
My daughter is a Dog-Trainer. This video from a few years ago demonstrates training her dog, "Dash" to hand her a tissue. Patience is the key issue for both dog and Trainer, as Dash figures out that it's a tissue from the box she wants. The rewards come as he figures it out, beginning with merely touching the box, then slowly understanding that the tissue inside the box is what she wants.
Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech at Stanford.
I've always been interested in logos and the meaning they convey, but I didn't realize it was an entire field of study: semiotics
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