In 2003, while working as a Creative Director, I got an idea to create a training site for developing clip art. This was the original vision that became the motivation for becoming a high school Art Teacher. I thought it would be fun to create libraries based on mascots for high school and college sports, as well as illustrations of people, critters (and even monsters) engaged in fields of study (in college), and professional careers.

Nearly two decades later, after returning to school that year, shortly after my 44th birthday, I began to work on a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art, and a Masters in Education, at National University. 

It took me nearly six years to get through the program, but I finally got my first full-time, tenure-tracked teaching position for the 2010-11 school year, at age 50. 

This site is dedicated to everything I've learned and taught in the past 13 years toward that end.