Totem Links

This is a listing of all the Totems from the "Spirit Animal," quiz. After taking the quiz, click on the links below, to practice drawing variations of your Spirit (Totem) animal. Note: the mascot links are for reference only, as they are copyrighted images, so they're  only to be used for inspiration). Mr. Wing's reminder to himself: Keep It Simple, Student (And yes, I still think of myself as a student...) (like Sandra Boynton). "100+ Character Model Sheets from Animated Movies," Character Design Model Sheets (Cute, simple 'toons' on Pinterest) More Cuties
(all the links labeled, "poses" are black & white line drawing links from Google. Numbers at the end (1, 2, 3, are specific examples I liked)

More Disney Model Sheets from the Animation Resources website | World Cup Soccer Mascots

Links to individual Illustrators, whose work I admire

Russell Cox has a lot of Illustrations of a variety of examples of cartoon animals.
Use for reference (do not copy, turn in, and try to take credit for his work.