Totem Links

This is a listing of all the Totems from the "Spirit Animal," quiz. After taking the quiz, click on the links below, to practice drawing variations of your Spirit (Totem) animal. Note: the mascot links are for reference only, as they are copyrighted images, so they're  only to be used for inspiration). 

Mr. Wing's reminder to himself: Keep It Simple, Student (And yes, I still think of myself as a student...) (like Sandra Boynton), "100+ Character Model Sheets from Animated Movies," Preston Blair: Animation Resources, Character Design Model Sheets (Pinterest), or Cartoon Mascot Illustrations on -- or a little more complex, like this site for Animated Character Design References. Then there are my two Pinterest pages, CaptivArting & Jay_Wing. You might not have access to them at school, but you can at home.

Hard to believe, but there's a field of study called, "Mascotology," which ought to inspire us to draw more mascots, to sell mascot art for tee shirts and other imprinted items (greeting cards, coffee mugs, calendars, ect.)  to various high schools, colleges, universities -- or directly to the public, to those who attended these various institutions, but now work in industry (which is a whole larger community of potential clients).

One of my Cartooning "Heroes" is a professional named Ron Leishman. For the past several decades he's sat at home in his studio creating and selling "Microstock," (also known as Clip Art, or Stock Illustration), to multiple professional stock illustration sites, as well in the service I subscribed to for a few years, wherein Ron emailed a new "royalty-free" cartoon to customers, for 10¢ a day (I think it's now 10¢). His site is still going strong and is called,  "" The links below marked, "R.L." are links to his samples of as many of these totem/spirit animals as I could find using Google image search. Ron's service is one of the inspirations for me becoming a Teacher, to train the next generation of Cartoonists how to create and sell their work, following Ron's example. Here's a link to Ron's Pinterest page. And here's my Pinterest. Ron's TpT site.

(Note: the numbers that follow each entry are my particular favorites; this is an on-going feature. The numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ... etc.) are links to  particularly favorite examples. The links labeled, "poses" are black & white line drawing links from Google.

More Disney Model Sheets from the Preston Blair: Animation Resources website | World Cup Soccer Mascots | Russ Cox ("Smiling Otis") Sketchbook.
Free Vector Graphics download, Mascots playing: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Tennis, etc.   | since he has a helmet and skirt similar to a Trojan's, I thought I'd add a few images of Marvin the Martian, so students can get an idea of how to draw the helmet and skirt: 1, 2, 3, 4,  

*Waitaminit! Ron hasn't drawn a Killer Whale? But Sea World is here in San Diego! And my daughter started working there as a dolphin trainer two days ago, so we'd better draw some of them, -- Zoinks! Could we sell tee shirts and coloring books to the World Famous San Diego Zoo? Have I been missing out on opportunities all these years, because I'm watching too much YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu? WT#!, Bubaloo!