Summer School 2022

The Language Academy

As is my custom, even during Summer School, I teach technology in my classrooms, even in smaller populations of students. At the beginning of Summer School my Attendance Sheet had 29 students enrolled, but only eleven showed up consistently. Here are the links to the ten students who built web sites this summer:

10 Camila Ledezma (6)

12 Mia Murrieta (6)

13 Leonel Navarro (6)

15 Evelyn Portillo (6)

19 Martin Toscano (6)

22 Eduardo Cardenas (7)

23 Natalia Estrada (7)

24 Nadia Gaitan (7)

25 Oscar Gaitan (7)

0 Camila Witt (6)

48 Andrew Stewart Dent (7),
is a fictitious student name I use to model for students,

so they can see
what their sites should include.